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Great company. Even though they had just experienced a family emergency, Marie arranged to have a plumber come out the same day my water stopped working. The tech quickly diagnosed the problem, bypassed it, and cleaned out the PRV. Water pressure is better than ever. Very reasonable price considering I thought I had a leak in the water line in my front yard. Great experience. Thank you Marie and Norman Plumbing.
Jeff P
5 Star Google Review
Thank you for your quick response time in our time of need to replace the hot water heater. The professionalism of your repairman, Will and the quality work was greatly appreciated. We are glad we found you.
5 Star Google Review
In the process of selling my home the inspector came up with a couple of issues I needed addressed so I contacted Norman Plumbing. The were fast in contacting me back and came out the same day. The issues were addressed and Norman Plumbing had the perfect opportunity to charge me to do work that didn't need to be done but didn't. They did fix the one issue and went on their way. They actually saved me money. Very reasonable rate. Only wish I had used them before.
5 Star Google Review
Fantastic and professional. Had 2 plumber services out before them. Neither could unclog drain and both told me they had to cut drywall and cut out pipes. Norman plumbing came in and unclogged the drain with little issue, just took a longer auger than the other guys had. Not overcharged either. Good work, good communication, good responsiveness and fixed the problem at a fair price. Highly recommend!
5 Star Google Review
Called Norman Plumbing after my home warranty provider told me that the soonest scheduled time they could see me was 10 days out! William came out, assessed the situation, and had the blockage cleared and water running in 15 minutes. Super folks to deal with and will absolutely be working with them again on future issues!
5 Star Google Review
I had a leak in one of our pipes in the basement. I called a few plumbers and handymen, and Norman Plumbing was the first to be able to get there and the quickest to be able to fix it. They also worked with me through text and pics to help get a quote to me faster. I was very pleased with the work they did and would definitely use then again.
5 Star Google Review
Was very pleased with the service. I called a little after 7pm, fully expecting to schedule an appointment for the next day, but they were able to send someone out shortly after 8pm (that same day) to fix the issue. Marie was very helpful and even called to let me know someone was on their way. The issue with my plumbing was resolved in short amount of time, even though the clog wasnt in the main drain pipe and actually at the entrance to the septic tank. Would definitely use their services again, if the need arose.
5 Star Google Review

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